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Accommodation in Swedish Ski Resorts

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Swedish Chalets

Chalets in Swedish Ski Resorts

See more Ski Chalets in ski areas in Sweden, including Björnrike, Branäs, Bydalen, Falköping, Funäsfjalen, Gesundaberget, Hassela, Järvsö, Klövsjö, Lindvallen, Ljungdalen, Lofsdalen, Nya Dundret, Skuleberget, Storlien, Stöten i Sälen, Sundsvall, Svanstein, Tänndalen / Ramundberget and Tärnaby.

Five Star Chalets in Sweden

Luxury 5-star Chalets in Sweden, include Årsunda Strandbad and the Ottsjö Bear Lodge.

Årsunda Strandbad - Chalet - Årsunda

Årsunda Strandbad (Årsunda Strandbad) -  See Offers

Chalet in Årsunda

This modern cottage is located in Årsunda village, right next to a beach by Lake Storsjön. It includes a fully equipped kitchen and a furnished patio with BBQ facilities. Sandviken city centre is 13 km away.
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Beach * Beachfront * Canoeing * Sauna

Avge. of 39 reviews

  •  Great Rates
  •  Online Booking
  •  Low or No Cancellation Fees
Östra Karup Båstad - Accommodation - Östra Karup

Östra Karup Båstad (Östra Karup Båstad) -  See Offers

Accommodation in Östra Karup

Located in Östra Karup in the Skåne region, Östra Karup Båstad features a stone terrace facing west and a wooden deck facing south This villa is equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms a flat-screen TV, and a kitchen.
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Family Rooms * Beach * Golf course (within 3 km) * Sauna

Avge. of 43 reviews

  •  Great Rates
  •  Online Booking
  •  Low or No Cancellation Fees
Ottsjö Bear Lodge - Accommodation - Ottsjö

Ottsjö Bear Lodge -  See Offers

Accommodation in Ottsjö

This spacious and modern villa is located in Ottsjö village, 10 km from Trillevallen Ski Centre. It features a private sauna, spa bath and free Wi-Fi access. Ottsjö Beach is a 25-minute walk away.
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Canoeing * Fishing * Hot tub/jacuzzi * Sauna

Avge. of 15 reviews

  •  Great Rates
  •  Online Booking
  •  Low or No Cancellation Fees

Four Star Chalets in Sweden

Luxury 4-star Chalets in Sweden, include Bröttorp and the Svalemåla Stugby.

Bröttorp - Accommodation - Fjugesta

Bröttorp, Fjugesta -  See Offers

Accommodation in Fjugesta

8.1Very Good
Avge. of 378 reviews

Rms from $99

Wismens Natur&Fiske - Chalet - Krogsered

Wismens Natur&Fiske, Krogsered -  See Offers

Chalet in Krogsered

8.1Very Good
Avge. of 42 reviews

Rms from $181

Nygården B&B Hälsingegård - Accommodation - Harmånger

Nygården B&B Hälsingegård, Harmånger -  See Offers

Accommodation in Harmånger

Avge. of 392 reviews

Easter Bay - Accommodation - Påskallavik

Easter Bay, Påskallavik -  See Offers

Accommodation in Påskallavik

Avge. of 15 reviews

Treehotel - Accommodation - Harads

Treehotel, Harads -  See Offers

Accommodation in Harads

Avge. of 87 reviews

Rms from $852

Bed&Breakfast Vinkille - Accommodation - Löderup

Bed&Breakfast Vinkille, Löderup -  See Offers

Accommodation in Löderup

Avge. of 246 reviews

Savolax Stugor - Accommodation - Axland

Savolax Stugor, Axland -  See Offers

Accommodation in Axland

Avge. of 23 reviews

Villa Edvinsväg 8 - Accommodation - Åre

Villa Edvinsväg 8, Åre -  See Offers

Accommodation in Åre

Avge. of 14 reviews

B & B Flattinge Fritidshus - Accommodation - Vittaryd

B & B Flattinge Fritidshus, Vittaryd -  See Offers

Accommodation in Vittaryd

Avge. of 317 reviews

Rms from $98

Svalemåla Stugby - Accommodation - Bräkne-Hoby

Svalemåla Stugby, Bräkne-Hoby -  See Offers

Accommodation in Bräkne-Hoby

Avge. of 11 reviews

Mullbärsgårdens Bed and Breakfast - Accommodation - Visby

Mullbärsgårdens Bed and Breakfast, Visby -  See Offers

Accommodation in Visby

Avge. of 1019 reviews

Rms from $56

Great Value Chalets in Sweden

Recommended Chalets in Sweden, include the popular 3-star Österlens Karlsgård and the 3-star Biskops Arnö.

Österlens Karlsgård - Accommodation - Löderup

Österlens Karlsgård (Österlens Karlsgård), Löderup -  See Offers

Accommodation in Löderup

8.5Very Good
Avge. of 542 reviews

Sunne Hembygdsgård B&B - Accommodation - Sunne

Sunne Hembygdsgård B&B -  See Offers

Accommodation in Sunne

Avge. of 435 reviews

Rms from $105

Stora Topphem - Accommodation - Skåne-Tranås

Stora Topphem, Skåne-Tranås -  See Offers

Accommodation in Skåne-Tranås

Avge. of 74 reviews

Rms from $255

Gotland Magazin1 Guesthouse - Accommodation - Havdhem

Gotland Magazin1 Guesthouse, Havdhem -  See Offers

Accommodation in Havdhem

Avge. of 111 reviews

Peppinge Bed & Breakfast - Accommodation - Löderup

Peppinge Bed & Breakfast, Löderup -  See Offers

Accommodation in Löderup

Avge. of 486 reviews

Sköna Rum Fryksta - Accommodation - Kil

Sköna Rum Fryksta, Kil -  See Offers

Accommodation in Kil

Avge. of 404 reviews

Rms from $56

Magles Smiley Inn - Accommodation - Lund

Magles Smiley Inn, Lund -  See Offers

Accommodation in Lund

Avge. of 773 reviews

Rms from $88

Torpet Mon - Accommodation - Gothenburg

Torpet Mon, Gothenburg -  See Offers

Accommodation in Gothenburg

Avge. of 123 reviews

Abisko Mountain Lodge - Accommodation - Abisko / Nuolja

Abisko Mountain Lodge, Abisko / Nuolja -  See Offers

Accommodation in Abisko / Nuolja

Avge. of 1533 reviews

Rms from $198

Biskops Arnö - Accommodation

Biskops Arnö -  See Offers

Accommodation in Biskops Arnö

Avge. of 14 reviews

Tingvall B&B Eco-Lodge - Accommodation - Bullaren

Tingvall B&B Eco-Lodge, Bullaren -  See Offers

Accommodation in Bullaren

Avge. of 47 reviews

Large lakeside cabin - ski, boat, nature - Accommodation - Sunnansjö

Large lakeside cabin - ski, boat, nature, Sunnansjö -  See Offers

Accommodation in Sunnansjö

8.5Very Good
Avge. of 4 reviews

Rms from $345

Chalets in regions of Sweden