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Why you should work with J2Ski

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Why work with J2Ski?

What we do

A long time ago, in a city not so far away, we struggled to plan our ski trips; so we started J2Ski to help.

We built it, and they came and we've been connecting skiers to the mountains for over a decade.

Skiers have many questions

Where can I ski?

Where's best for families, beginners, powder hounds and apres-ski?

Where can I stay? hire my skis? get transport? take lessons?

And, of course, where's the snow?

Information used to be everywhere

Skiers want to know about ski areas, weather, travel agents, ski schools, shops, etc. and can find it all on J2Ski.

Ski businesses want to connect with skiers; and they can find them on J2Ski!

What we do


With snow forecasts and reports, ski resort guides, news and chat, we attract huge numbers of visitors.


Our loyal and regular visitors sign-up for our weekly snow mails, powder alerts and storm warnings and deals - and come back year after year.


With carefully chosen partners, we help our visitors arrange their holidays, booking accommodation, package deals, ski hire, transfers and everything else they need.

Our Popularity

Our web site is over ten years old, and in that time we've grown from a hobby site to a reference point for the Ski and Snowboard community.

Without advertising or publicity, we've grown to regularly attract FIFTY thousand daily visits (in season).